Erosophy Erotic, Emotions And Enlightment

Erosophy is a writing project that aims to develop a new philosophy of erotism, sex and sexuality, everthing it involves. The reference to the ancient Greek Eros has an essential meaning. That daímon (“demon”) Plato’s, a mediator between the earthly and and the divine, between longing and satisfaction is the symbolic driving force of philosophical thinking. And in a way also I see my job a one of a mediator and moderator, accessing a middle way between rational thinking and empirical approach at one hand and spiritual sensitivity and ancient wisdom on the other. That’s why my experience with Neo-Tantra and classic philosophy will influence this work as well as gender studies, feminist social criticism and pragmatic sex tips.
This project of course is also shaped by my personal life. As bisexual man who could never really identify with one of the two heteronormative genders I am not only engaged in the search for my queer identity – or in one for an individual, positive approach on sex & sexuality. For me it was always about overcoming the darkness of none-understanding and misunderstanding that also glooms many sexual relationships. Philosophy – with a heavy hint on its platonic roots – is a way into the light of understanding. It is inspired by pursuit of truthfulness and beauty. And Eros, the god of love, is its faithful companion. Trough the erotically the longing for fulfilled sexuality and the desire for wisdom becomes one and the same quest.

The long-term goal of this project will be a comprehensive book about these topic. In the meantime I will publish articles on this blog.

You can also find it on Instagram: erosophy_com

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